Industry-Specific Growth Analytics

On-demand and in quick time.

  • Customer Retention and Lifetime Value
  • LFL Sales Growth
  • Return on Marketing Investment
  • Gross Margin Return on Inventory
  • Sales & Margin Per Sqft
  • Profitable Sales growth
  • Traffic to Order conversion
  • New category adoption by customers
  • Campaign Return on Investment
  • Customer Advocacy and Lifetime Value
  • Customer Retention and new product adoption
  • New Product and Services Innovations
  • Customer experience and advocacy
  • Return on Marketing Investment
  • Profitability optimisation
  • Product Profitability
  • Gross Margin Return on Distribution costs
  • New Customer acquisitions
  • Successful product innovations
  • Price & Promotion Effectiveness

About Us

Insights NOW

As data & insights become increasingly important for relevance and growth in the new age, many organizations are constrained by the availability of high-quality analytics & data science capability. Furthermore, the rapid pace of change in the business landscape, necessitates the need for context-appropriate actionable insights, to enable agile business decisions.

The Insights Now – intelligent platform seeks to solve this challenge, by marrying domain expertise with high-quality data science talent, to provide on-demand analytics support in quick time every time

Our unique fit assessment model enables us to recommend the best-fit analytics talent, specific to every client requirement. Our empanelled set of domain experts, mentor and collaborate with the analytics resource, to help deliver context-sensitive actionable insights and decision models.

About us

Why Choose Us

Organizations can access best-fit, on-demand analytics capability, appropriate to their requirement in quick time. The Insights Now intelligent platform enables this by marrying domain expertise with high-quality Analytics / Data science capabilities.



Engage now with on-demand analytics capability in under a week.



Simple and clear pricing – Pay for time or fixed price.

Pre Screened

Pre Screened

Resources pre-screened for skill & requirement fit.

Pre Screened

Save Time

Save yourselves the hassles, time & effort, of engaging directly with on-demand resources.

Pre Screened


Domain experts are available to mentor for delivery of insights and decision models.

Pre Screened

Support Multiple Users

Intuitive workflow platform to support multiple business users and their requirements.

Pre Screened

Risk Free

Zero termination cost reduces risk of wrong selection.

Pre Screened

Roll-up Dashboard

Hierarchical roll-up dashboard to help track requirement and engagement status.

Analytics / Data Science Professionals

can explore and bid for assignments, based on earnings potential



Access to variety and choice of projects.


Hassle Free

Hassle-free payment through Insights Now.



Bid for projects to suit for convenience and earnings potential.



Additional incentives, based on tiered cumulative earnings.



Leverage mentoring by domain experts for successful delivery of engagement.

Analytics Expertise

Our platform can help you engage with deep domain analytics capability, with technical skills in all the leading databases, tools, and platforms.

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Customer Analytics

Insights to enable organizations to better understand their customers & behavior and the next best action.

  • Customer Lifetime Value Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Satisfaction & Engagement analytics
  • Churn Analytics & modeling
  • Up-sell & Cross-sell recommendations
  • Customer Sentiment analytics
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Financial Analytics

Manage profitability well through operational effectiveness

  • Performance analysis and dashboards
  • Spend analytics
  • Scenario planning & sensitivity analysis
  • Cash flow modeling
  • Unit economics modeling
  • Fraud analytics
  • Value stream analysis
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Marketing Analytics

Understand & improve the RoI of your marketing spends

  • Campaign performance analysis
  • Marketing mix analysis
  • Response modeling and recommendation
  • Modeling Look-a-like customer segments
  • Digital “Share of Voice” analysis
  • Marketing RoI Optimiser
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Revenue Performance Analytics

Revenue Performance Analytics

Maximize revenues by focusing on the “most important levers”

  • Trend analysis and pattern recognition
  • Conversion funnel analysis
  • Customer profitability analysis
  • Category performance insights
  • Sales and Profit maximization models
  • Market Basket Analysis for Assortment optimization

Technical Competency

We have capabilities in leading tools & platforms, and can work comfortably with your existing tech landscape

Scripting /Programming



C/C++MS SQLTableau
JavaScriptOracleQlik View
RAWS RedshiftAzure ML Studio​
PythonAzure DBAWS Sagemaker​
SASGoogle BigQueryGoogle Cloud Datalab​
Mongo DB

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